How It Started & About Malcolm

Malcolm and his wife, Patricia Peverley started LIFELINE Medical Transport ( LMTS ) in 1997, predominantly to support the Renal and Cardio Transplant Teams at the Freeman Hospital Newcastle.

We organised and co-ordinated the movement of Medical Teams and Organs from around Europe.
We eventually progressed into moving the PICU team at what was then Newcastle General Hospital. Our claim to fame was having the fastest response time in the UK by road.


The Story

When Malcolm used to go out on a shout our daughter being 3 at the time asked her father on many occasions where had he been, he then sat down with her and said that he had to pick up a medical team to go out and help very sick children, she then told her father that when he next went out could he please take her favourite teddy bear with him and give the teddy bear to the child as this would make them happy.

After working alongside the transplant teams and the Paediatric Intensive Care units we gained experience within the UK and started working with Northumbria Health Care Trust.

Malcolm’s mother passed away with cancer and often used to go into Wansbeck Hospital for Chemotherapy, because of this he dedicated his time and efforts to run the service as keen as possible trying to save money for the Trust, and at present, we are still currently doing that today.

​​With a lot of hard work and dedication Malcolm started working on contracts to provide the same service around the UK we gained a courier contract at Addenbrookes Hospital, this he loved working on and on many occasions would go to Cambridge and work on the contract himself, going out on the runs as this is where he felt happier.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Malcolm’s years of experience has come from being a courier his timings were impeccable and his knowledge of the UK networking system gained him more contracts.

Malcolm passed away on 22nd February 2017 at home at his desk working.

He had a heart attack. Malcolm had an irregular heartbeat, and diabetes he was in pain for most of his older years but still continued to provide a service not only to the Trust but to his Staff who he was very proud of.

I dedicate this page to him as a remembrance that even if you are suffering yourself, life still has to go on and other people are suffering too.

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