Breakaway & Self Defence Training 


Breakaway & Self Defence

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Candidates: TBA

Cost: £TBA

The aim of this course is to instruct employed staff in customer-facing roles, who may be exposed to the risk of physical violence at work, in the underpinning legal knowledge and physical skills necessary to enable them to be able to defend against a physical assault whilst undertaking their employed duties.


The aim of this course is to instruct people in the simple yet effective breakaway (disengagement) and self-defence skills to enable them to protect themselves when faced with the risk of physical violence in a situation of serious and imminent threat to their personal safety. 

Our full day Self Defence and Breakaway Skills Course is a blend of theoretical and practical learning.

The course is designed to give you the physical and verbal skills needed to diffuse and protect yourself in a conflict situation as well as an understanding of the various theories, concepts and laws surrounding personal safety.


By combining classroom-based learning with the practical application of self-defence skills and techniques, you will leave our course with a deeper understanding of how to avoid conflict situations arising as well as what to do if you are required to physically defend yourself.

Breakaway and Self Defence course has been designed to educate individuals who are exposed to the risk of physical violence when trying to make a safe escape. By enrolling in this self-defence course you will not only learn the legal context needed to act appropriately in hostile situations but also a range of physical skills that are essential in allowing you to provide a successful defence against a physical attack. 

Who should attend

Anyone who may be at risk of physical assault whilst undertaking their employed duties. Door Supervisors, Security Operatives, Courtroom Security Staff, Care Staff, Education & Teaching Staff, Retail Staff, anyone who is expected to physically intervene.

On The Course You Will Learn

On the course, you will learn

  • Understanding Reasonable Force

  • The Human Rights Act

  • The Health & Safety at Work Act

  • Understanding the difference between Self Defence and Martial Arts

  • Legally compliant techniques

  • Anxiety vs Performace


Course Benefits

By the end of this training course delegates will:

  • Have a nationally recognised qualification

  • Have a cross-sector qualification

  • Understand the law to protect themselves and others

  • Have the physical skills to handle potentially violent situations


Course Objectives

To successfully achieve the award delegates will be expected to:

  • Understand the Law in relation to the use of physical force for personal defence of self and others

  • Demonstrate the appropriate and effective physical skills for the purpose of breaking away and defending against a violent assault


Pre-Registration Requirements

Candidates who register for this award must have:

  • The physical capability to be able to undertake physical skills training

  • The personal ability to undertake classroom training and sit written exam papers


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