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Duration: 1 day

Maximum Candidates: TBA

Cost: £TBA



Level 2 BTEC Notification Unit Certificate in Managing Conflict in the Workplace is designed to practice conflict resolution skills through a range of scenarios, candidates will learn non-physical diffusion and de-escalation techniques for challenging behavior. 

The Conflict Management training course clearly sets out the legal and statutory requirements for a colleague’s personal safety. 





Who is the course for



This qualification is aimed at individuals who require training in conflict management. It is appropriate for a wide range of sectors and is suitable for anyone who has a customer-facing role, deals with service users or the public. It can also be a useful qualification for individuals who would like a better understanding of how to prevent conflict situations from arising and feel more confident in being able to deal with situations if they arise.

The course is delivered via presentation, video, group work and scenario training. The scenario training element means the principles can be applied to your environment so will be completely relevant.




  • How communication skills can solve problems and reduce the likelihood of conflict

  • An understanding of the physical and emotional human responses during conflict

  • Knowledge of assessment and the management of risk to reduce harm

  • Effective Communication Skills to de-escalate conflict in emotive situations

  • Post-Incident Management – Good practice




Pre-registration Requirements



Candidates who register for this award must have:


  • The physical capability to be able to undertake physical intervention skills training and will be required to fill in a confidential medical questionnaire.

  • The personal ability to undertake classroom training and sit written exam papers.



This course can be assessed either as an NFPS Level 2 Award licensed via the National Federation for Personal Safety or we can run it as an ‘in-house’ course.


Group bookings for 4 or more are available on-demand either at our center or at your premises. Please contact us for a quote.


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