​Ensuring you always know what to do in a First Aid emergency!

Updated: Mar 17

Most large businesses offer health and safety training to their employees as part of their mandatory training amongst other courses offered However, First Aid and CPR are overlooked to all employees. Most companies by law must have at least one person who is first aid trained and in charge of the first aid box, however First Aid and CPR training are critical for all employees and apply to every industry regardless of size. Whether this being in construction, in a factory or office environment, all employees would benefit from first aid training.

Is it a matter of “if” or “when” the situation will occur? First aid training for your company and its employees is essential for workplace safety.

Benefits of first aid training for employees

It saves lives:

First aid training provides your staff with the confidence and capability to react immediately to an incident, injury or illness. In the event of a medical emergency, when properly trained an employee can administer basic medical treatment or CPR (as needed). It has been proven that CPR aid provided during critical and life-threatening accidents, injuries or health complications in the workplace saves lives.

First aid kits will have what is needed, not only does first aid training teach your employees how to respond to a medical emergency, but it also teaches them exactly what they should do if they come across a work colleague at work who has become ill.

Safety for loan working

First aid training teaches employees how to properly use first aid kits, how to administer life-saving medical treatments and to stay calm and confident during an emergency, While these skills are important for providing first aid to others, they and their employees working alone.

First aid training can help an employee buy time until first responders arrive on the scene.

Benefits of first aid training for employers

Fast response during an emergency:

In the event of a work medical emergency, a fast First Aider response can be the difference between life and death, Employees trained in first aid and CPR will understand the steps needed during an emergency thanks to their increased confidence and preparation. A fast employee First Aider response can reduce recovery time, lead to less lost productivity from injuries.

Reduce workplace accidents:

First Aid training helps employees to be more mindful of safety in the workplace. When staff go through their first aid training, they become more aware of safety and can spot hazards and potential incidents before they occur. They also become more alert to their environment and will recognize potential problems more efficiently when they understand the risks and dangers of their work environment.

This leads to fewer accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Positive work environment:

by offering First Aid training to all employees, employers show their staff they are about cultivating a safe work environment.

Promotes healthy teamwork:

First Aid training is a great team building exercise. When your employees get the opportunity to learn a skill together, it brings them closer together and encourages them to want to learn more, this then promotes confidence and builds there CPD throughout there working life.

Ongoing life skills:

First Aid training in the workplace is a life skill each employee can maintain through ongoing refresher courses throughout there lifetime. Your employees will be able to administer first aid and CPR to their family and friends if needed.

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