What is the cost of PAT Testing

Prices can vary depending on which company you use or how many items are being tested but as a general rule of thumb,

LMTS PAT Testing rates are fairly straight forward. 

There is an initial call out fee of £45.00 and then each individual item will cost £1.00p
Discounts are available for charities and high volume tests. Please contact us for more information.

 Please note that detachable power leads count as an item on their own, as they have to be tested separately from the equipment to which they belong.

Our Prices Include

  • Appropriate Labelling of Appliances

  • Comprehensive Report (including itemised asset list with full test results)

  • Certificate of Compliance.

  • Replacement of Plugs (where required)    FREE OF CHARGE

  • Replacement of Fuses. (where required)   FREE OF CHARGE

  • Re-wiring of Plugs. (where required)         FREE OF CHARGE

  • Same Day Re-tests.                                      FREE OF CHARGE

We are  VAT registered and your certificates will be issued upon receipt of payment.

Extra Services  

In addition to our Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Services we also Offer :

Microwave Leakage Testing

Is your Microwave leaking harmful radiation? 


Contact us to find out how can help ensure the safety of your microwave oven.




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