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We train from Newcastle upon, Northumberland, Durham, Middlesbrough, Sheffield, Peterborough, and Scotland to Yorkshire. 



LMTS Facilities Management is part of Simplilearn Training is registered with the Highfield Qualifications. We delivery of a range of Highfield Qualifications accredited training courses. This means we are accredited to deliver approved courses that carry formal recognition throughout the UK and internationally. Our Centre Number is 16637

We are also licensed by and quality assured by the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) and we are an Approved Licensed Centre. This ensures that we have the appropriate resources, skills, and training to be able to deliver training to BTEC standards.

NFPS Ltd (The National Federation for Personal Safety) is one of the UK's leading providers of Physical Intervention and Conflict Resolution Training. NFPS Ltd provides training that is legally accurate, health and safety compliant, has been medically reviewed and meets all the relevant guidance in industry-specific areas.


Breakaway & Self Defence Training

This BTEC Level 2 in Breakaway and Self Defence course has been designed to educate individuals who are exposed to the risk of physical violence when trying to make a safe escape.

PMVA / Physical Intervention Training

The BTEC Level 2 Accredited Award in PMVA in Physical Intervention training is for staff working in challenging environments, where physical intervention is required. 

Conflict Management Training

There has been a steady increase in the incident of violence, aggression and verbal abuse towards people who work in a variety of roles across the public and private sectors. 

SIA Door Supervisor Training  

Did you know that a Door Supervisor can also work as a security guard. Door Supervisors can also work at licensed premises such as pubs, clubs, festivals and anywhere alcohol is being served. 

Handcuff & Softcuff Training

BTEC Level 2 Safe and Effective Use of Restraint Equipment (Handcuff and soft-cuff). 

This specialist BTEC qualification is suitable for any staff member who may have to use handcuffs in the course of their job.

Fire Safety Training 

Our fire safety training courses offer comprehensive, accredited training to individuals, managers and organisations. We offer fire safety courses in basic fire safety training, fire risk assessment, the principles of fire safety for the workplace, fire warden (fire marshal) training and fire risk assessment and management training.

First Aid Training 

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere – at home, on the road, at a public place like parks and shopping centres, and also the workplace. Even with the effective safety measures put in place to prevent accidents, there is still a possibility that they may occur. Having someone qualified in first aid can help preserve life.

​​Most of our customers prefer in-house training

Perhaps you’re like the majority of our clients, who love how convenient it is for us to come to them. We’ll bring everything we need, and will run your training in your training room, meeting room or other suitable space.


In-house training means that you won’t get into lots of expenses claims for staff travel and food.

Your team won’t get lost on the way to the course.

They won’t complain about getting up early to drive to a training venue, and they’ll have no worries about parking.


And it’s more cost-effective for your business too, as you can get a larger group trained at a much lower cost per person.

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